The packing list


We haven’t settled on our new block of land yet and already I’m figuring out what to put on the packing list for the first night that it becomes ours. Because unless the weather is foul or freezing we’re planning to camp there for the night! How excitement!!

I’m trying to figure out what are life’s necessities out on the farm during a camp out? Starting with morning (because if I start the list with wine it feels like I have a drinking problem) we need real coffee. I suggest we take my crappy old coffee machine to set up in the pump house (henceforth to be known as the coffee shop). Damo points out that it’s a long walk from the prime camping area to the coffee shop so we agree to take the coffee plunger and the stovetop coffee-maker in case we want our coffee with a view of the Tamar.

We need water, muesli and milk, some steaks to cook on a camp fire, maybe nibblies for while the steak is cooking, and chocolate after dinner, and apparently we need a bottle of 1990 Grange Hermitage. Damo has been sitting on it since 1995 waiting for a special occasion to open it. We decide this is that occasion.

So I suppose I should add wine glasses, because the plastic cups in the picnic bag aren’t going to do the Grange justice right?



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