On a windy Saturday

I skived off from the pruning to help the girls build their shelter. This was a project they began a couple of weeks earlier. They found a little grouping of tall trees down in the hollow and started linking them with overhead cross beams suspended in the forks of the trunks.

Tania checking out the beginnings of the girls' bush shelter at the farm.

Tania checking out the beginnings of the girls’ bush shelter at the farm last weekend.

Today the wind was up and it was freezing cold. But still we worked for nearly 2 hours, dragging limbs, breaking off branches, building a side wall to form a wind break. Some resourcefulness was required. Bronte found a limb that was so heavy, she had to tie it to her body like she was an ox and drag it up the hill. Two large wedge-tailed eagles were our constant companions, soaring above us on the wind.

Then it was afternoon tea time, and we sat by our little fire – taking care that the wind didn’t blow lit embers on to the grass around us – warming ourselves with hot chocolate made in the billy.

photo (31)


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