Bringing home the horses

The final day of the school holidays was the only dry day for ages. Bron and Juls had just arrived back from their jaunt on the continent. So it was just the day for bringing the horses home to our farm. Finally.

We’ve waited a very long time for this day – from way back when we first got Bobby Sox and would visit him out at Pattersonia, to hanging out with Bobby Sox and Brown Eyed Boy at Beauie’s farm. Then Brock, Cheeky and Beau joined the family. After Beauie sold the farm we moved the horses to Swan Bay where we have agisted them for the past year (and there’s another story to be told about how Brown Eyed Boy made the journey from Bridgenorth on the Western side of the the Tamar, to Swan Bay on the Eastern shore, but we’ll save that for another day).

And today we walked them 5km up Los Angelos Road to their new home. The start wasn’t promising. It took us nearly an hour to catch Bobby. But we finally succeeded in getting a harness on him and Damo led the way walking Bobby out front. The girls followed on horseback and I rounded up the rear with Brown Eyed Boy (yes, on foot). The walk was long and I think my ears have grown from being on full alert for oncoming traffic for the whole journey. But the views were bucolic with a band of woodsmoke drifting sleepily across the Tamar River. Resident sheep, cattle, goats, geese and horses greeted us as we strolled by. The walk took us less than 2 hours and I was very relieved to open our gate and welcome our horses to our farm. It feels so good to bring our horses home.






photo (33)

photo (34)

photo (35)




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