The rush of spring

The seemingly endless weeks of dormancy have ended. our trees are waking up. Sept 1 arrived and the trees obeyed as if they had just been waiting for the light to turn green. Almost overnight the buds became swollen, bursting forth into blossom.

Suddenly the pruning rush is on and even with a chainsaw we can’t get through the rows quickly enough. We’ve ‘rejuvenated’ (chainsawed back to the stump) 4 rows of the older trees and still have another 5 rows to do to achieve our goal of rejuvenating a third of that part of the orchard each year over three years.
This week though we shifted to the Sambas, taking out dominant limbs and pruning laterals because the young trees there are growing with such vigour. The longer evenings are lovely, giving me the chance to do uni work in the mornings, followed by a session in the orchard in the afternoons (before collapsing on the couch in the evening).

So now we know – from Sept 1 it’s game on. Busy times ahead!


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