Horsey weekends

We had an excellent horsey weekend. After a long lazy morning we packed up and headed to the farm around lunch time. While the girls saddled up Cheeky and Beau and took themselves off on a trail ride, Damien attacked the tops of the old cherries with a chainsaw standing in the tray of the quad bike which I drove up the row. Fear not – the chainsaw was only in use when the quad was stationary. It’s taken a long time, but finally we’ve made it to the point where we can work on the orchard while the girls hang out with their horses. Everyone was happy!

Later Saturday arvo we dropped around to Aunty Di’s. She was out walking and this provided the opportunity to meet other Windermere horsey kids: Lauren and Emily. The girls got to meet their horses and introduce their new friends to Beau and Cheeky.

Sunday afternoon – another ride. This time Sarah could come too. And we built a fire and cooked a barbecue before the girls rode out in the spring evening. These are our salad days.







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