Beyond the blue

There’s a huge expanse of blue sky above me as I stand here amongst cherry trees awash with blossom. Nice to see the sky again after so much rain over the past fortnight. But I’m not enjoying this view much at all. What I should be seeing when I look up is bird netting. Last Wednesday’s storm has torn gaping holes in the net. There’s three massive sections ripped apart, blown over into adjacent fields and even shredded where the storm’s fury hit hardest.

I’m a little thrown by it – flummoxed about what to do next. The repairs are beyond anything I can mend – hell I struggle to sew up a hem on a school uniform. How can I possibly fix a hole the size of a basketball court in a net meters above my head?

That’s what I’m pondering as I take in this beautiful blue sky and listen to the busy hum of bees at work pollinating the crop.





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