Not as easy as I thought this would be

It’s mid December, blowing a gale, and I’m trying to pull together two bits of torn bird net which the wind keeps ripping from my hands. I’m trying to mend some of the hundreds of holes in our nets which starlings come through every day to eat our crop ahead of the harvest due to start in a few weeks.

It really sucks that I can’t tie knots. I sew bits of net up and then later notice the orange rope flapping about in the wind again, tormenting me. This farmering life is much harder than I thought it would be. And I’m recognizing that my skill set doesn’t exactly align with the farming task.

Damien has endless time, talent, patience ad grit for these endless jobs like mending massive tears in netting, but I so don’t! And this endless crappy weather which is now encroaching into our summer is really getting old. I’m still wearing a puffy jacket for chrissake!!


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